Guide on how to start a personal trainer business online.

How to Start an Online Personal Training Business?

So you’re thinking starting an online personal training business? That is such a great idea! Competition might seem tough at first, but when you find your market niche it will become almost easy. From this article you’ll learn the basics of doing business online as well as what tools and templates to use to grow your personal trainer brand.

Becoming an Online Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who helps people to achieve their health and fitness goals. Personal trainers work with clients on a one-on-one or group basis, designing exercise programs, giving workout instructions and guidance, and providing motivation and support. Personal trainers may also provide nutrition guidance and other types of health and wellness support.

Personal trainer working in a gym.
Traditional personal training includes working in a gym.

As you see from the definition above, the core components of a personal trainer’s work are not related to in-person coaching. It is indeed possible to become an personal trainer who has chosen a hybrid or remote work model. Online personal training allows clients to receive professional guidance and support from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

Benefits of online personal praining

There are several benefits to online personal training, including:

  • Convenience: Online personal training allows the client to work with a trainer from anywhere in the world. This can be especially helpful if your clients have busy schedules or if they don’t live near a gym or personal training studio.
  • Customization: You are able to offer customized exercise and nutrition plans that are tailored to your clients’ goals, needs, and preferences.
  • Cost: Online personal training might be more affordable for your clients than in-person training, as it eliminates the need for you to travel to the training facilities.
  • Variety: You may offer a wider range of services, such as video workouts and virtual coaching sessions, giving you more options for how to work with your clients.
  • Flexibility: You can be more flexible with your scheduling, making it easier for your clients to fit their workouts into their busy schedule.
  • Accountability: Working with an online personal trainer can help keep your clients accountable to their fitness goals, as they are required to report on their progress and make regular check-ins with you.

What makes a good online personal trainer?

Coaching 100% online is something that requires experience from face-to-face work and communication with clients. A good online personal trainer should have a thorough understanding of exercise science and be able to apply this knowledge to design effective training programs for clients. They should also have experience working with clients to help them achieve their goals.

It’s important for an online personal trainer to have a recognized personal training certification, such as the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). This demonstrates that the trainer has completed a formal education program and has the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively train clients.

An online personal trainer should be able to clearly and effectively communicate with clients through email, video chat, or other online platforms. This includes giving instructions, answering questions, and providing feedback and support. They should be able to adapt to the needs and preferences of their clients, as well as being able to adjust training programs as needed to help clients progress.

Online personal trainer working on a laptop.
Laptop is a true friend for online personal trainer.

A personal trainer who works remotely should be reliable, punctual, and respectful of their clients’ time and goals. They should also maintain confidentiality and ensure the privacy of their clients’ personal information. These are all attributes that are required when doing business online.

So now we know what it takes to become an online personal trainer. What about creating the business – especially is you have little or no money to spend? Let see what options do we have next.

How To Start a Personal Training Business With No Money?

That’s right! You may not need money at all when starting a personal training business. Especially when you’re going to do it 100% online.

If you’re not going to spend money on your business, you have to accept the fact that it might take a bit longer to acquire the same amount of customers as you would for example with paid marketing. That’s not a bad thing, for example, if you’re side hustling or just want to take your time learning new things and creating content for your business.

How to find clients for online personal training?

Many personal trainer starts a business “by accident”, e.g. an Instagram follower asks for a training program from an experienced trainer. Then coaching starts to get more and more attention and the person decides to study a personal training certification.

If you’re in no hurry, you might as well use Instagram as your main driver in business. After acquiring your first client there’s no limit how much you can post about being a personal trainer, making workout plans or getting the nutrition right. If you use your own photos, or for example the free version of Canva, there are no extra expenses.

*NB* From this link you get a 30-day Canva subscription for free*

Personal training is indeed personal, so people will need evidence and testimonials in order them to trust you as a professional. In social media, customer stories are a positive way of marketing your services indirectly.

Some personal training tools are worth the payoff

While you can do workout plans and training programs with just Google Sheets, Docs and Slides without spending a dime, it could be a much finer customer experience when you do it with better suiting tools. For example Trainheroic is an excellent platform for coaching individual clients and groups as well.

With proper platform it’s much easier to keep track what clients are doing and communicate efficiently. When all workout data is concentrated in a single place, it’s easy to access and better secured.

Trainheroic helps personal training business.
Calendar-based platform is the best solution for serious personal training.

Business documents and marketing templates for personal trainer

Many new entrepreneur makes this mistake: they spend hours after hours creating a perfect logo and fine-tuning colors, while they could already be serving customers and EARNING MONEY. With money, you can do all the extra design you want. Without money, you can’t eat.

So it’s better to start selling right away. Any marketing activity you’re going to make, you need images and copywriting ideas. When you acquire a new customer, you need a contract template. When you wish to make a great first impression, you will use an onboarding-template. Building these all on your own takes hours, and the coaching hasn’t even started.

All the great ideas mean nothing without proper execution. Online marketing is a cumulative game, where you just have to produce great content often. And it’s better to start now.

Website for personal trainer

As mentioned earlier, you can start your online personal training business with only free tools and the help of Instagram. But if you’re seriously considering doing business online, then there isn’t much of a debate whether you need a website or not. A website is the home base for your marketing ecosystem that is created in order to get leads, acquire customers and educate clients of your services.

Social media platforms are excellent for doing indirect and direct marketing. But they lack depth when it comes to allowing customers to learn about your business and what you offer. A website can help you reach a wider audience. Many people use the internet to research businesses before making a purchase, and a website allows you to showcase your services to a global audience.

By creating a website, you have more control over the information that is available about your business online. This can help you manage your online reputation and address any negative reviews or feedback. So a website can help you establish credibility and professionalism.

Multiple screens and web pages open.
You don’t need a doctor’s degree to make a website nowadays.

You may choose any drag and drop platform for creating a website. One thing to remember is: easy means usually the lack of power when it comes to websites. That’s why it’s best to build your website on WordPress, which is pretty easy and especially powerful. Pick a domain with hosting and you’re good to go.

Personal trainer marketing – don’t forget about email

Email is the most personal way of communication when it comes to reaching a lot of people at once. Email marketing allows a personal trainer to connect with their clients and build relationships with them. By sending newsletters, workout tips, or other valuable content, the trainer can keep clients engaged and interested in their services.

People usually start to collect emails long time after starting a business. The reason is that sending emails to only a few dozens of receivers doesn’t feel very effective. But the truth is, no one is great at email marketing when they’re just starting out. So it’s better to send your first email marketing letters to a narrower audience, and learn from there.

GetResponse is an excellent marketing platform. Besides email marketing you can do webinars and build a landing page, all for free!

Step By Step Guide on How To Start an Online Personal Training Business

Here we are, knowing a lot more from online business than before reading this article. Let’s hope you’re eager to get your hands dirty, so here is your step by step guide on how to start a personal training business online:

  1. Be sure that you have all the qualities and qualifications to become an online personal trainer.
  2. Make a list of the pros and cons of online personal training versus in-person coaching or other preferred working method.
  3. If you’re starting out with no money, then it’s best to fill up your Instagram account with training related subjects.
  4. With almost a zero budget you’re able to create a website and start email marketing in order to acquire leads and customers.
  5. Remember, you only need one client and you’re ready to create content and marketing material about coaching, training, nutrition or any other subject from the client perspective.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Happy coaching!

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